4 Fun Renovation Ideas for Pet Lovers

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4 Fun Renovation Ideas for Pet Lovers

14 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When most people think of renovations, they think of fun features that will make the home more livable and interesting to humans, but if you're a pet lover, you need to think beyond that. Want to add renovations that will make your favorite pet bark or meow in joy? Then, check out these ideas:

1. Sleeping Nooks

There's no reason to trip over dog beds. Instead, consider putting in sleeping nooks for your cats or dogs. You can scatter little nooks through your home—under kitchen islands, in laundry rooms, tucked next to the TV in your lounge or in multiple other parts of your home.

Ideally, the nook should be built into a wall, and the entry should look inviting for your pet. You may even want to talk with the renovation crew about framing the nook so that it looks like the face of a dog house.

2. Kennels With Windows

If your dog needs to be contained during the day or evening, you may want to go a bit further than the nook idea and create a built-in kennel. A home renovation expert can help you create a kennel that's seamless with the design of your decor. To make sure puppy has an excellent time, you can even outfit the kennel with windows looking outside.

3. Catio

Cats don't like to be contained, but if you want to give your cat the feel of a built-in kennel with windows, consider a catio. A catio is a portmanteau of cat and patio. It's a small screened in addition, often added to windows. It allows your cat to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors without escaping into the wild.

4. Feeding Stations

Tired of messy feeding bowls cluttering up your floor? Then, consider putting in a feeding station for your dog or cat. A feeding station can be added anywhere. A renovation person can even help you to build a feeding station near the location where you currently keep your food bowls so it's less confusing for your pet.

Ideally, you want a built-in that can accommodate the bowls. The surface should be easy to wipe off, but it should also complement the wood finish of the rest of your decor. Ideally, a cabinet to hold supplies should be integrated nearby.

You can also add indoor washing areas just for the dog—what canine wouldn't love their own bathroom? Heated outdoor kennels are another option to consider. To get more ideas, contact a renovations expert directly.