What to Consider about Finding Pipeline Contractor Jobs Online

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What to Consider about Finding Pipeline Contractor Jobs Online

28 July 2017
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An increasing number of businesses are moving to an online application, and even interviewing, processes online. This can mean everything from filling out the application to logging in and using an application or program to connect live for the interview. Though you may think this is a cut and dry process, it can be a bit different for the job seekers when you are discussing industrial jobs like pipeline contractor positions. If you are looking for a pipeline contractor position online, here are some things to consider to make it easier on you:

Research the Pipeline Company

One of the first things you want to do is research the pipeline company posting the ad. Though this could be said for any online job posting, it can be much more significant for someone in the pipeline industry. For example, the job ad may not be as descriptive as it should be meaning that it simply says a pipeline worker is needed. It may not say what type of pipeline it is, where it is located, or what types of certifications are required.

This could mean that you may make it through a long process only to find out that you are not qualified or are missing something about the job that would keep you from applying in the first place. For this reason, you should research the company posting the ad to see what they do and become more familiar with the company before applying and wasting your time or theirs.

Offshore Requirements

If the job is an offshore pipeline job, there is much more to consider before you apply than just your contractor credentials. Some offshore jobs have to enforce certain requirements for that region including medical requirements and vaccinations. Before you move forward with the process, check to ensure that you can obtain these requirements and vaccinations in your area and that they are in place before your interview. If you plan on applying to several offshore pipeline contractor positions, then you may want to consider having the most common requirements and vaccinations done ahead of time.

Equipment Requirements

One of the key differences you may notice with online applications and pipeline jobs is the detailed list of equipment that most ads will have. There are two reasons for this. The first is that most of the online positions may be as a freelancer or short-term contract position. This generally means you are in charge of your own equipment costs and purchases. The second reason is due to that some will ask you to show your equipment during the video interview to prove you do in fact have it. So, make sure you check these lists and that you do have what you state you have in the application.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can ensure that you are better prepared for what an online interview for a pipeline contractor job may be as well as the application process. If you are ready to move forward, consider gathering your resume and any certifications together to have them at your disposal during the process.

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