Which Bin Is Right for Your New Business?

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Which Bin Is Right for Your New Business?

17 August 2017
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Starting a new business is a big challenge - there's just so much to think about. If you haven't already considered your waste disposal needs, now is the time to do so. Commercial bins are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configurations to suit different types of business. Your choice will depend on the type of waste you'll be disposing of, access to your site, your budget, and the amount of space you have available.

Read on for details on the main types of bin used by businesses, and examples of the kind of organization they'd suit.

Trade Waste Bin

This is the kind of bin you typically see down alleyways, behind restaurants and shops, etc. It's a large, sturdy bin which is kept closed using a large lid. The fact that this bin isn't open means it's perfect for any food waste that could attract pests or any other waste that could create an unpleasant odour if left exposed. Trade waste bins are on wheels and include large handles for easy manoeuvrability. They're ideal for locations without good vehicle access, as they can be rolled out for collection.

Rear End Loader Bin

This is larger than the standard trade waste bin, but still includes a secure lid and locking system for hygiene and security. It's ideal for large volumes of commercial and industrial waste, so could be perfect for small builder's yards. A rear end loader bin will be a permanent fixture on your site and doesn't have wheels, so you'll need to ensure there's suitable access for vehicles. These bins are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Front End Loader Bin

Front end loader bins look similar to trade waste bins but are large in size, sturdier, and suitable for recycling. They're ideal if your new business will produce lots of recyclable, compactable waste - for examples, large volumes of paper or cardboard. These bins aren't on wheels but include fittings to make them compatible with forklift trucks.

Skip Bin

If you're expecting large volumes of industrial waste long-term, then a permanent skip bin is your best option. Skips are available in a range of sizes according to your needs, and many waste disposal companies can provide onsite compacting services, meaning you won't need to arrange so many waste collections. The bins are open, so they're not suitable for any waste which could rot or create a health hazard. In general, these will be most suitable for building sites and industrial businesses.

Not sure which bin you'll need for your new business? Reach out to companies like A West Bin to help you make the right choice.