4 Interesting Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Portable Toilets

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4 Interesting Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Portable Toilets

23 August 2017
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Did you know that you can hire a portable toilet for very many reasons? While portable toilets are most often used at construction sites, you can actually rent a toilet for your own home when you're hosting a large party, so that you don't have people waltzing in and out of your private space at will. Realtors have also been known to hire portable toilets during open-houses when the homes' utilities have been turned off (meaning that internal toilets cannot be used).

If you're interested in a few more interesting facts about portable toilets, read on!

1. You can save lots of water using portable toilets

According to research, about 125 million gallons (≈500 million litres) of water are saved in using portable toilets. Consider that in the average home, every family member flushes the toilet several times a day, and therefore toilet use is the biggest water consumer. This is also true in gatherings such as parties and construction sites. Portable toilets use just about 10 percent of water used in conventional toilets. Therefore, getting a portable toilet is not only convenient, it's also very good for the environment.

2. You can get many types of portable toilets

Many people think of the blue closet whenever a portable toilet is mentioned, when in truth there are about four main types and very many more variations of the portable loo depending on your needs. These include:

  • Cold water chemical portable loos – the most basic form with no power supply or mains sewage. Are ideal for events or projects in places with no on-site facilities

  • Hot water chemical portable loos – these have a unit that heats up water for handwashing. They must be connected to a power source

  • Mains-connected portable loos – these are connected to the main sewerage system as well as a power source, and are recommended for use in building and construction sites where there is heavy toilet usage for a long period of time

  • Welfare units – these include a chemical toilet, but also have a drying room, small canteen and a generator space. They are also ideal in construction sites that have no connected power source or nearby amenities

In addition, you can make little improvements to the toilet site for an event to make it more attractive for users. For instance, you can place a temporary shade and table with lotion and scented paper towels for use after leaving the loo. Your facilities don't have to be strictly utilitarian.

3. You can hire high-end portable toilets

Apart from the above toilets, you can get high-end/luxury toilets which are ideal for intimate events and also for executives at construction sites. These toilets have value-addition features such as internal bathrooms, creative décor, good lighting and other features that make them look just like your home bathroom or even better! You can also get themed toilets which are ideal for themed events.