4 Aspects to Bear in Mind When Buying Residential Roof Windows

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4 Aspects to Bear in Mind When Buying Residential Roof Windows

19 September 2017
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Both modern and traditional homes have embraced roof windows because of security, functionality, and aesthetics. Roof windows let natural light enter the house, besides being an inlet for fresh air. Further, a properly installed roof window will prevent warm heat from escaping your home thereby keeping your utility costs at a minimum. Moreover, most roof windows can withstand harsh environments, for instance, the impact from hailstones or the scorching sun. This article reviews some useful aspects that homeowners must bear in mind when buying and installing roof windows for the very first time. 

Burglary Protection -- Roof windows should, at a bare minimum, be designed to prevent unauthorized entry by burglars through the ceiling.  When installed correctly, a roof window will make your family feel safe and secure by sealing any prospective entry points. Some windows have a series of locks that can only be opened from the inside of the house. Notably, a certified burglary-resistant window has reinforced panes that will not easily break when subjected to blunt or sharp impact. 

High Insulation – During the purchase and installation of roof windows, users look at cost savings in utility bills. It is counterproductive to have an entirely insulated roof when the roof window lacks sufficient insulation. For instance, during winter, you want your home to retain as much heat as possible, and thus, a poorly insulated roof window can cause you to hemorrhage cash regarding heating costs. Some windows are double or triple glazed to increase energy efficiency by keeping most of the heat inside the house.

Resistant to Elements -- The exterior of the roof window should be highly durable to withstand severe environmental, for example, winds, hailstones, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and torrential rains. All these elements work in concert to diminish the quality of the roof window. Additionally, most windows often face upwards, which exposes them to such elements even more. Therefore, purchase roof windows that have coatings to minimize wear, tear, and discoloration.  

Sound Proofing -- External noise from traffic or a nearby airport can disturb your peace, especially after a hard day's work. A soundproofed roof window will prevent almost 90% of external sound from invading your home. Also, soundproofing will reduce the noise generated when raindrops hit the roof window. Some windows come pre-installed with sound insulating features; however, you might need to hire an acoustic consultant to install the soundproofing material. Both options might cost a steep price, but the returns concerning the peace of mind will be worth every penny spent.