Steps Before Asbestos Soil Removal in Your Garden

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Steps Before Asbestos Soil Removal in Your Garden

25 September 2017
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Asbestos soil removal helps to protect you from developing health complications. Exposure to asbestos causes cancer, and it is important to take the necessary precautions. The chances of exposure are higher if you live in old houses that have been recently refurbished. Such houses had roofs made of asbestos, and when most of these were replaced, they were buried in the surrounding areas. Over time, the asbestos has disintegrated into the soil, and this has created a very toxic environment. There are several steps that you can take if you have detected the presence of asbestos soil in your garden and you have contracted an expert to have it removed. They are as follows:

Seal the garden to prevent access

Exposure to the garden before the asbestos soil removal process can lead to additional health issues. Once you have found an approved decontamination unit to carry out the asbestos soil removal exercise, the affected area should be sealed off. You should not grant access to any individual unless they are wearing protective gear all over their body. To guarantee safety, the decontamination unit should handle the sealing off process since they know the right type of material to use. The aim of this is to ensure that further exposure to asbestos is minimized before the affected soil is removed from the area.

Evacuate the entire family

Asbestos soil removal is dangerous since it involves the removal of toxic material. Some of the asbestos particles will be raised into the surrounding atmosphere in the course of the asbestos soil removal process. These particles can easily be inhaled by people without any protective gear to cover their nostrils. The asbestos particles also stay in the atmosphere for some time before they are completely removed. You should ensure that your family is away during this period and you can only come back when you receive approval from a health expert.

Remove pets in the garden

Pets spend most of their time in the garden and are at very high risk of health complications. You can also forget about the pet, and it can be buried in the soil during the asbestos soil removal process. Pets are an important part of the family, and they should be treated well. You should also not leave them in the house when the entire family is being evacuated to a safer location. Make sure that the pet is taken to a veterinary officer and then kept in a safe shelter.