2 Smart Ideas To Include When Designing A Custom-Built Home For Your Growing Family

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2 Smart Ideas To Include When Designing A Custom-Built Home For Your Growing Family

1 November 2017
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If you're a parent with a growing family, then you may be looking at upgrading your current home to a larger dwelling that will comfortably accommodate your changing needs. Many people choose this time to have a home custom built for them in order to ensure that the new home will be comfortable, practical and flexible as your children grow up.

As well as making sure you have extra living space, it's also important to consider the configuration of your new home. This may include adding rooms or areas to the home that may not have been necessary in the past. Here are two popular, practical and smart ideas that you might like to include in the plans for your custom built home.

1. A parent's retreat

If your children are still young, then it might be difficult to imagine a time when they don't need to be supervised. However, children grow rapidly and before you know it, your toddlers will be teenagers who may take over your home's living areas with their friends and their things.

A parent's retreat that is a child-free and private space may be just the answer. As well as the main bedroom and an ensuite bathroom, consider adding some extra space to allow for a small lounge area or study. Even if this space is largely underutilised while your children are young, it will be a welcome and serene place to escape to in later years.

2. A separate multi-purpose living room

Modern home design celebrates open plan living that allows for connectedness, openness and a feeling of light and space. This generally means that the kitchen, dining room and living room are all incorporated into one large living area. However, as kids grow up, having a separate living area that provides a space for varied recreational activities may save your sanity.

A multi-purpose living room will provide a space for teenage gatherings, watching movies or playing games. While children are younger, the space can still be of great value as a playroom, study, games room or a spare bedroom for visiting guests. You might also like to make the room more versatile by adding retractable doors that can open up or close off the room as desired.

The beauty of having a home custom built is the ability to craft your new dwelling into one that is perfect for both your current and future needs as a family. Talk to a custom home builder if you'd like to incorporate either of these ideas into your new home.