Exploring the Various Types of Concrete Kerbs

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Exploring the Various Types of Concrete Kerbs

2 January 2018
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Kerbs add an element of style, class, and uniqueness to your property. They can turn a plain outdoor space into a useful and attractive site, and there are different types of kerbs that can be installed in your premises. Experienced contractors should be hired to undertake kerbing work

One of the most common types of kerb materials is concrete. Not only are concrete kerbs durable and cost-effective, but they are also highly customizable to fit different purposes.

Here are some of the most common types of concrete kerbing as well as their applications.

Mower kerbs

Mower kerbs are most commonly used where the kerb will be edging a flowerbed, garden or other type of vegetation. They are designed to have raised edges that are about the same height as the rest of the lawn. These raised edges allow for lawnmowers to remain within the boundaries of the lawn and to prevent it from running off the edges and causing damage to the kerb.

Mower kerbs also protect the vegetation from being trampled on by both people and vehicles. The clearly defined border can allow vegetation to grow healthily without being tampered with.

Barrier kerbs

Barrier kerbs are perhaps one of the most common concrete kerbs used in commercial premises. They consist of raised edges of stone along the pavements of the kerb in order to control what can go on and off the kerb.

For example, vehicles that regularly park in the premises can be controlled by barrier kerbs so they don't drive over the edges and onto the kerb. Simply put, barrier concrete kerbs are great for controlling traffic within the premises.

Mountable kerbs

Mountable kerbs are a good choice for residential properties. Unlike the sharp, defined edges of barrier kerbs, mountable kerbs are designed to have a sloping face that vehicles can easily climb over to access them. They are popular in homes because vehicles can simply roll over the edges and access the driveway.

In addition, the extent of the slope can be varied such that the landscape against a unique shape and design. The concrete kerbs can also be set to have unique shapes that make the entire property aesthetically appealing.

In commercial properties, mountable kerbs can also be used to control the movement of vehicles. The slopes can be arranged to act as speed bumps where the movement and speed of vehicles is controlled as necessary.