Designing and Building a Custom Home: 3 Trends to Consider

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Designing and Building a Custom Home: 3 Trends to Consider

26 March 2018
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Building your own home using a customised design gives you a lot of freedom to create a space which is perfect for you and your family. If you have decided to build a custom home, you may be thinking about the latest trends and styles which are proving popular among Australian homeowners which you could incorporate into the design. Below is a guide to 3 features you may wish to include in the plans for your custom home.

Outdoor shower

Australia is full of wonderful wildlife and the weather is quite temperate for most of the year. These facts mean that this country is the ideal location to install an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers are made by constructing a metal or plastic screen on an exterior wall. Water pipes are then connected to the hot water heater and inserted into the wall so a shower head can be installed on the outside wall. Imagine having a morning shower while listening to the birds tweeting then stepping out into the warm sunshine. There is no better way to start your day.

Exposed beams

Exposed beams are a great way of making a new-build home look more traditional. One major problem with building a custom home is that you run the risk of making the interior look too sterile and new. By exposing the roof beams in the ceiling you can create a rustic and inviting space. If you want to go a step further, you may wish to paint the walls white as this will help to complete the rural farmhouse look while also creating a sense of space and light.

Loft space

Many people use their loft space to store junk and items they wish to put into long-term storage. However, it doesn't have to be this way. When designing your custom house, you could take the opportunity to design a loft space which can be used as a quiet space for reading or as a children's play area. Whatever you decide to do, by building in additional storage solutions you can keep the loft space as a functional and useful room in your house rather than using it for storage.

If you would like further advice about the latest trends which you can include in your custom home, you should make contact with a custom home builder. The contractors will be happy to assist you in planning and constructing your dream home.