Why You Should Opt for Full-Bathroom Waterproofing

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Why You Should Opt for Full-Bathroom Waterproofing

4 October 2018
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Due to gravity, water will always find the fastest and simplest way to trickle downward. As such, any weak points on your bathroom walls or flooring can result in the development of a devastating leak in your home. This is why most homeowners will opt for bathroom waterproofing. However, leaks are not the only reason why you should consider thorough bathroom waterproofing. Rather than simply opting to waterproof the flooring, it would be essential to have the contractor waterproof the walls and even the ceiling too. This is especially prudent if the bathroom is a wet room. The following are some of the little-known advantages of full-bathroom waterproofing.

Decreases the risk of mould

When it comes to mould and mildew, some homeowners tend to assume that if these fungi are not present on the walls, then they are not present in the home. This could not be further from the truth, though. If bathroom waterproofing was not all-encompassing, chances are damp will have made it's away underneath the tiling, especially if the grout is old or the tiles are chipped. Once the damp has made its way beneath the tiling, it can spread to other materials such as plaster, wood and more.

If you do not catch this in time, it can compromise the entire structural integrity of the structure. This is why it is vital to consider full bathroom waterproofing, By ensuring that barriers have been installed beneath all the surfaces in your bathroom, you can rest assured that the risk of developing damp and subsequent mould would be drastically decreased.

Enhances insulation

Another little-known benefit of full bathroom waterproofing is that it can add an extra layer of insulation to your bathroom. Most people do not consider insulation in this room, as they will be taking a hot bath or shower. However, during the colder seasons, you will find that the air in the bathroom can be considerably chilly. You may also find the flooring and walls experience thermal loss during colder weather.

Some homeowners may opt to include some form of heating in their bathroom. This is well and good but would mean an increase in your utility bills. If you would prefer a more economical alternative, consider full bathroom waterproofing board. This will retain the warmth inside your bathroom. It will also save you the cost of having to pay for additional heating while taking a bath or shower.

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