Why Wooden Sliding Windows Would Be Right for Your Home

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Why Wooden Sliding Windows Would Be Right for Your Home

16 January 2019
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Sliding windows are becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Available in an assortment of materials, styles and finishes, you can rest assured that they will seamlessly blend in with your current décor preferences. Below are some of the reasons why sliding windows would be a worthwhile addition to your home.

Outlines the spectacular sights of your outdoors

One of the primary reasons why people opt for sliding windows for their home is their unsurpassed ability to provide you with unobstructed views of your premises. Firstly, sliding windows tend to take up an entire wall, making them much higher as well as larger as conventional double-hung windows. This allows for a panoramic view of your garden, backyard, pool area and more. In addition, sliding windows provide your home with an indoor-outdoor living aesthetic, making them an ideal option if you have a patio, deck, verandah or another type of exterior living space.

Convenient operations to allow ventilation wherever needed

To allow sufficient ventilation into your home, you need to open and close your windows in accordance to your needs. However, getting the right amount of ventilation with conventional windows may involve constant and precise opening and closing. The great thing about sliding windows is that they are much easier to operate than their traditional counterparts are. Typically, the windows will come with one stationary pane of glass and one movable pane. Also, you also have the option of choosing double or even triple sliders depending on how large your wall is. As long as you keep the sliding windows well lubricated, a simple push gives you full control over your windows.

Provide you with energy efficiency

A little-known fact about sliding windows is that they can be much more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, since sliding windows take up a significant amount of space, they are manufactured using tempered glass. This glass is much stronger than annealed glass, which is what is used for traditional glass panes. The tempered glass also comes with a low-emission coating to prevent thermal loss and gain in your home. Therefore, you do not have to worry about heat loss or gain in your home. Secondly, since sliding windows are fit flush against the wall, they tend to fit more snugly when they are closed. Thus, the occurrence of drafts in your home is prevented.