Three Things You Need To Do Before Your Commercial Building Demolition

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Three Things You Need To Do Before Your Commercial Building Demolition

21 February 2020
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Commercial building destruction might seem like an exciting, movie-esque prospect but in reality, it is just a journey through a lot of paperwork and precautions before the actual event. The demolition itself is the last possible step in a long journey that often starts years and at the very least months beforehand. Before your commercial building demolition takes place there a few steps that you should prepare, or at least consider, to check that this is the right path for you to go down. 

Structural Stability

If you have an old commercial building that is just taking up valuable real estate and you want to get rid of it, then you might be in for a bit of a shock. Of course, commercial building demolition can be done on almost any structure but for those that are unstable and liable to fall on their own at any moment, the procedure is quite different. Risk assessments must be done and the more dangerous the property the longer and more thorough these will need to be. It is not as simple as wiring it for a controlled demolition or bringing in the excavators and bulldozers like it often appears in the movies.

Dangerous Materials

Asbestos is the number one dangerous material that your commercial building demolition experts will want to test for before they go ahead with the destruction. If disturbed, this asbestos can cause serious health problems for any workers on site and that is not something they are willing to risk. This process for comprehensively testing for asbestos can take weeks and is only one step on the way to clearing your building for demolition. It always makes sense if you are looking at getting a demolition done in the near future to have it tested for dangerous materials beforehand. 

Inform The Public

Part of your role as a property owner is to ensure that no one is adversely affected by your demolition plans. If your property is in a quite built-up area you may require the permission of some close neighbours before you can go ahead. Otherwise, you merely need to inform your neighbours about your intent, what day the demolition will happen and any issues that may possibly arise. Remember to include a contact number so that they can call you with any questions they may have. Commercial building demolition services often provide professionals on the day of the destruction who are good at answering questions from curious onlookers and controlling any crowds that may come to see the event.