5 Essential Work Zone Safety Tips for Road Construction and Maintenance Contractors

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5 Essential Work Zone Safety Tips for Road Construction and Maintenance Contractors

6 October 2020
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The warm Australian weather welcomes the busy road-work season. That implies a myriad of road construction and maintenance work zones on major highways, interstates and streets. Besides, this is the time when many people travel to different destinations nationwide for vacations.

Therefore, road construction and maintenance contractors need to observe extreme work zone safety. Read on to learn five vital tips to keep your workforce and other road users safe.

Come Up With a Plan

Every road construction and maintenance project must implement a transportation management plan. This plan includes temporary traffic control essential for protecting workers managing traffic in work zones. An effective strategy within the work zone also helps direct traffic flow for construction trucks, workers and heavy equipment. 

Separate Your Work Areas

During road works, various activities occur around the work zone simultaneously. Delineating work areas using barrels, cones, or barriers can help minimize the risk of accidents. Consider separating heavy equipment storage areas from parking and worker movement areas. 

All Workers Must Wear Protective Gear

As a contractor, always ensure that all personnel within the work zone wear proper safety gear. PPEs (personal protective equipment), such as visible uniforms, safety hats and boots must be worn onsite. 

Furthermore, ensure that all PPEs meet the required Australian construction standards. For example, all onsite clothing, including jackets and vests, must be either bright yellow or fluorescent orange, bearing visible reflective materials. 

Take Keen Note of the Surroundings

Whether your company is maintaining or constructing a road, always pay extra attention to your surroundings. Workers must avoid walking behind trucks or within a heavy equipment's swing radius. 

If possible, always have spotters or face traffic when operating construction equipment in your work zone. Also, spotters are crucial in monitoring vehicle movement and traffic to notify other workers of possible dangers. 

Hold a Safety Meeting Before Each Workday

While ensuring every worker on the construction site has proper training is vital, it's imperative to hold a safety meeting before the start of every workday. Each day comes with different conditions that can affect normal operations onsite. As such, a safety meeting before beginning work can be essential in notifying workers of any potential hazards. 

Such meetings are also crucial to ensure all personnel are fully equipped and wearing proper PPEs necessary to work effectively. This way, you can dodge costly mistakes and accidents that could have otherwise been avoided early. 

Learn more about road maintenance by speaking with a construction contractor.