How to Get Your Retail Space Ready for Its Next Tenant

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How to Get Your Retail Space Ready for Its Next Tenant

10 November 2020
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If you own a shopping strip in a busy town or city, you will want to keep as many tenants as possible in place so that you can maximise your revenues. Occasionally, however, one of your tenants may decide to move on after many years in place. You will need to ensure that you refresh the space in question as soon as possible. Yet it is not just a simple case of moving the old tenant out and the new one in, so what do you need to bear in mind?

Over Time

When a tenant has been in a particular space for an extended period, they may have modified it significantly to cater for their needs. They may have introduced new petitions, a false ceiling, different lighting fixtures or a new floor to help them match their brand, display their goods effectively and satisfy their customers. While they may take all of their branded fixtures and fittings away when they move out, much of the old infrastructure will remain in place. You need to return the space to a bare shell, however, if you want to appeal to as many prospective tenants as possible.

Best Position

A new tenant will not want to waste any of their own time and resources trying to change an already modified space to their liking. It's in your best interests to return the room to its original specification so that they can get down to work as soon as possible.

In this case, you need to commission a company to perform a full retail defit. They will have experience in this area and know how to do the work as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Assessing the Work

To begin with, they will assess the scale of the job and work with your original plans to determine the outcome. They will be able to draw up a timeline so that you know when they will return the unit to normal, and you can start to bring in your prospects.

It may be necessary to demolish existing petitions or walls, pull up a floor and reposition the ceiling. They may need to return cooling or heating units to their original position, and will undoubtedly get rid of any debris that is left following their work.

Trusting the Experts

Don't underestimate the scale of this job and think you can do it yourself more cost-effectively. Trust the experts instead and you'll be able to minimise the time between tenants.