Making The Most of Bathroom Tiles in Your New Home Build

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Making The Most of Bathroom Tiles in Your New Home Build

12 March 2021
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After going through the rigours of engaging in a new home build project, getting to the stage of installing finishing touches to the structure can be incredibly exciting. Nonetheless, you still need to accord this stage the careful thought and consideration it deserves or you will end up with spaces that are not appealing to you, which will invariably necessitate a remodelling project down the road.

When it comes to bathroom tiles, it may seem easy to simply pick a colour and purchase porcelain tiling. But this approach will not make these wet rooms stand out. If you want something uniquely suited to your home, read on to learn how you can make the most of bathroom tiles for your new home build.

Establish if you want natural stone or artificial bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiling is available in two main options, the natural stone variety and the manmade options. Each of these types offers varying pros and cons, so your final decision will ultimately depend on what you are looking for from your bathroom tiling.

When it comes to luxe appeal and undeniable aesthetic value, natural stone tiles are your best option. These materials are quarried and then cut into both geometric as well as custom shapes depending on your needs. The distinct veining on the different types of natural stone works to ensure that no two tiles will ever be alike! Natural stone tiles are available in a multitude of materials such as limestone, travertine, granite, slate and more. The main downside is that these materials are quite expensive.

Manmade tiles, conversely, can be an economical choice since they are available at different price points. Their main selling point is their guaranteed longevity since they typically are not porous.

Take the dimensions of your bathroom into consideration

Simply because you have complete control over the bathroom tiling of your new home does not mean that you should go overboard with your ideas. Keep in mind that the bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing haven. Hence, you should try to perpetuate a feeling of calm with your choice of tiles.

Firstly, consider the size of this room. If the bathroom is limited in space, it is inadvisable to go with tiny, mosaic tiles, as this will make the room appear smaller than it is. Instead, choose large tiles that force the eye to travel across the floor or the walls and, consequently, create the illusion of depth.

Secondly, when looking to add visual interest to the walls with the tiles, you must practice restraint. A common mistake some individuals make is using patterned tiles all over the walls, making the room appear extremely busy. Instead, choose patterned tiles that will be installed as an accent tile whereas the rest of the tiles can be a singular hue.