How to Interview an Industrial Construction Company

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How to Interview an Industrial Construction Company

19 July 2021
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Would you want to build industrial premises? It could be you want to invest in a manufacturing plant or warehouse. Industrial construction companies will help out with every aspect of your project. The excerpt below discusses some questions that you can use to interview various industrial construction companies. Hopefully, it will ensure that you work with a contractor that understands your needs and project specifications. 

What Is Your Experience? 

The primary objective of this question is to establish whether the contractor has the skill required to complete your project. Ideally, the contractor should take you for a site visit to some of their previous projects. Besides, you should interview some of the contractor's clients to determine if they are confident in the services provided.

What Is the Company's Resource Portfolio? 

The company should have sufficient resources to complete the project. They include: 

  • Human resources: They include designers to draw the blueprints and engineers to conduct site surveys and plan the construction works. Besides, the company management should have the expertise required to run the operation.
  • Equipment: construction equipment such as excavators, backhoe loaders, trucks, and graders.
  • Financial resources: the company should have solid finances. Bankrupt companies or those that have filed for insolvency could stall your project. 

What Services Will They Offer? 

A problem that most clients encounter when conducting industrial construction works is that they have numerous service providers at the site. As such, it becomes difficult to coordinate the project or assign blame in case of oversights. Besides, the service providers are likely to come into conflict since they do not have a previous working relationship. An easy way to avoid these problems is by hiring a company that offers a wide range of services. For instance, the company should handle site assessments, design, and construction work. This way, you will have an easy time managing your project. 

Do You Have Insurance Coverage?

Insurance is a critical aspect of any industrial construction project. Ideally, it protects you from financial and legal liabilities should an accident happen at the site. Most contractors have insurance coverage. Nonetheless, you should assess this cover to establish its limits. Typically, the contractor will need more insurance if your project is expansive.  

What Are Their Terms? 

Do not assume the contractor's working terms. Instead, inquire about preventing disputes once they commence the construction works. Most of these terms can be negotiated. For instance, if you need the project completed within a few weeks, you could ask the contractor to work on weekends. Besides, negotiate for a flexible payment schedule. 

When hiring an industrial contractor, assess their experience, resource portfolio, services, insurance coverage, and terms.