Should you choose a design-builder for your project?

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Should you choose a design-builder for your project?

18 January 2022
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Do you work for a property developer looking for their next project? Maybe, you are a private individual and own a piece of land that you want to develop? When you want to develop land, the process can often be quite complex, requiring you to engage with multiple stakeholders. In particular, you would normally have to hire a company to design your project, whether it is a single home or an entire estate. You would then need to bring in a second team to take the agreed design and build it. Coordinating these groups isn't always easy. It is far better to take a different approach and bring in a design-builder who can undertake both stages of the process.

Why choose a design-builder?

Having access to a single point of responsibility for the entire design and construction process may be the most obvious benefit of hiring a design-builder, but there are other reasons you might want to make that choice. One significant benefit of a design-builder that is rarely fully appreciated is that the contractors' knowledge can be harnessed during the early design stages of the project. Often there can be a disconnect between the design and construction stages. This disconnect can lead to delays and disruption on the site. By entrusting management responsibility to one company, they can ensure a smooth transition between stages. Having one person with whom you communicate can also provide cost certainty at an early stage and even allow the job to progress more rapidly as they can bring the required people to the site precisely when needed.

Working with a design-builder

There are various ways to work with a design-builder team, giving you as much or as little input in the process as you require. If you want to leave the complete design process to the design-builder company, they will be happy to take on the task. If you prefer to appoint a consultant to draft the initial plans, the design-builder company can complete the consultants' plans and turn them into a physical building using their in-house design team and construction workers. A good design-builder company will have many more services they can perform on your project. Some of these services may include acquiring land and conducting feasibility studies to see whether your plans are viable. The design-builder may also assist with obtaining any needed permissions, value engineering and a range of other tasks.

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