Scenarios That May Call For a Building Inspection Report

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Scenarios That May Call For a Building Inspection Report

20 March 2023
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Various situations can call for a building inspection report for a house, whether you own it or someone else does. Here are several scenarios in which one of these reports is important.

Buying a Property

If you're buying a property, it's wise to arrange for a building inspection report before you go ahead. The report will uncover potential problems before you commit yourself. The consultant performing the inspection will walk through the property looking for mould, cracks and other signs of damage. Mould could indicate, for example, dampness within walls that may be expensive to fix. Or the roof may be leaking. The inspectors will check the crawl space, under the floor if they can, and the external walls and roofing. The inspection will also include the outside of the property, the drainage, the paving, and the garage.

Some inspections are more extensive than others, so check what's included when getting quotes. If you want the electricity and plumbing examined, make sure that the service you book covers those things. You could save a lot of money by not buying a property with major issues, or you could negotiate a reduced price. Knowing what is wrong will let you factor in the cost of repairs or renovations if you decide to go ahead and buy a property.

Check Your Existing Property

You might also want a building inspection of the house you happily live in and plan to do so for many years. A building inspection will alert you to any issues that need attention. For example, cracks in the wall may indicate problems with the foundation, which you can address as quickly as possible.

If you want the inspection to include a check for asbestos, make sure the person you hire has expertise with that. Some contractors have qualifications in areas like building, architecture or land surveying, or they may have a lot of experience in the industry.


Another scenario where you might want a building inspection report is if you're planning an extension. It will help uncover issues that can be dealt with at the same time as the renovation. An inspection will check that everything follows building codes, that the right safety glass is where it should be and that balustrades follow regulations. The inspection will also find out if any previous additions are not compliant with the building codes. You could also get a pest inspection report at the same time. 

For more info about building inspection reports, contact a local company.