Automatic Gates—The 3 Types You Could Choose to Install

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Automatic Gates—The 3 Types You Could Choose to Install

22 October 2018
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Automatic gates are steadily phasing out manual gates for many reasons. To begin with, these gates offer a higher degree of security than their manual counterparts do because they have stringent measures for restricting access. Another reason why automatic gates are soaring in popularity is their operation, which also has features such as remote access via WIFI and built-in intercom systems. Thus, it is unsurprising if you are considering installing an automatic gate on your property. However, there are different types of automated gates that you could choose, and this can make it difficult for people who do not know their benefits to make a decision. This piece delves into the three different types of automatic gates that you could choose to install.

Swinging gates

One of the typical designs that you will find in the market is the swing gate variety. They open and close either via an access control panel or remote control. While swing gates are standard, you need to ensure that your property can accommodate them. For these gates to operate at optimum, they require considerable space for them to swing outward and inward. So if you do not have adequate space between your entrance and the street, you may have to contemplate a different type of automatic gate. In addition, swing gates are the most affordable option when compared to other automatic gates. Hence, they are great for homeowners with a limited budget. 

Sliding gates

If space saving is a priority when looking for automatic gates, the sliding variety will be a top choice for your property. These types of gates do not require a lot of space since they open and close horizontally. Therefore, the track will be installed flush against your fencing.  It would help if you took note of a few things before you purchase sliding gates. Firstly, the sliding gates tend to have a higher price point than the other automatic gates that you can consider. Secondly, sliding gates need extra care and maintenance because debris can easily collect inside the tracks and hinder the movement of the gates. Furthermore, routine lubrication of the tracks and professional maintenance from your local fence contractors for dings and dents is crucial for the longevity of the sliding gates.

Vertical lifts

As the name implies, these kinds of automatic gates open by gates moving vertically rather than swinging outward or sliding sideways. Vertical gates are one of the fancier options that you could buy, so expect to pay a slightly higher price than you would for swinging gates. Just like their sliding counterparts, vertical lifts are space saving since they lift upward rather than outward.