5 Reasons to Consider Timber Roof Trusses for Your Residential Home

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5 Reasons to Consider Timber Roof Trusses for Your Residential Home

17 May 2019
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Roof trusses are the structures that support the weight of the roof and the walls of the building. Trusses prevent walls from bending/falling inwards or outwards by holding them in position. Therefore, it's very crucial for all buildings, especially multi-storey ones, to have a firm and strong roof trusses for extra support and stability. A truss is formed by arranging rafters in a triangular shape, or any preferred manner. The rafters can be of any material, including timber, steel and other metal alloys. Timber roof trusses are preferred for residential constructions due to their stability and their aesthetic value. Below are more reasons why you should consider timber roof trusses while constructing your residential home.

1. Flexibility and Versatility

Timber as a construction material is very compatible with other construction materials such as steel and concrete. Therefore, you can have a concrete, timber or steel structure and still use wooden trusses for your roof structure, and it will still be appealing and strong enough to support your building. In addition, using timber trusses can help you create large spaces in your ceiling area, enabling you to have a large attic that you can utilise as per your needs.

2. Cost Effective

As compared to other complex construction materials such as steel, timber trusses are affordable to acquire. Also, they take less time and effort to prepare and mount as compared to other materials. Timber trusses provide an economical building solution as you can easily install them without using heavy machinery and other special equipment.

3. Eco-friendly

If you're concerned about the environment, timber trusses are friendly to the environment. Certified manufacturers will spend less energy in their production by using efficient methods with minimal wastage. This can't be compared to the use of steel trusses that are capital-intensive in production and require a lot of energy. Importantly, timber is a renewable source, unlike iron cores.

4. Durable and Robust

A well-designed timber truss gives maximum support to your roofing components and building structure in general. The triangular design of timber trusses makes them durable and robust, perfect to hold any residential building together while still maintaining its aesthetic nature.

5. Energy Efficient

Timber not only has insulation properties but is flexible enough to give a design and pattern that assists in regulating your home's internal temperatures. This means that you won't spend as much in air conditioning if you have timber trusses designed by a professional.

Timber roof trusses offer more design flexibility, and they are durable, robust and ideal for creating more open spaces for your home. However, it's important to always consider a qualified and trusted professional to design and construct your timber roof trusses for maximum benefits. Contact a company like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd for more information.