Timber Trusses: Designing and Installing Durable Structures

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Timber Trusses: Designing and Installing Durable Structures

30 May 2019
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Timber trusses are the standard choice for the construction of residential buildings. This material is favoured over metal because it has multiple advantages, including that it provides a stable and durable framework. For instance, timber provides flexibility in design, which cannot be achieved with rigid metals like steel. Wood is also an economical choice since it is lighter and easier to install. In addition, there are some thermal advantages of using timber over alternative materials. However, the performance of the trusses will still depend on your choices. Here are some simple precautions and tips to keep in mind for a durable structure.

Understand the Total Load

You should know the load that will be imposed on your timber trusses after installation. If your trusses are not strong enough to bear the weight placed on the frame, your building might not last for too long without repairs. When calculating the cumulative load, you should think about the roofing materials. Some roofing materials, like tile, are heavier than steel panels. You must ensure that the trusses can bear it. It is also prudent to increase the load-bearing capacity if your local area often experiences bad weather.

Choose Suitable Materials

It is important to acquire the right timber for your trusses. In simple terms, you should keep in mind that there are different types and grades of wood on the market. Your choice will influence the durability and stability of your structure. When purchasing the timber, you must look for wood rated for structural use. The wood should also be appropriately sized for your building. For instance, larger buildings will require thicker and stronger lumber. In addition, consider looking for treated wood to prevent damage from pest attacks or moisture exposure.

Schedule Installation with Care

Your installation schedule can interfere with the strength of the trusses and, subsequently, the durability of the timber structure. Simply speaking, if you do not have a good timetable, your timber might be delivered ahead of time. This will force you to store the wood on your site until you are ready for installation. Prolonged storage of the timber can be harmful because of the elements. The structural elements might become warped and even damaged by inclement weather. You should prevent this problem by planning your construction work diligently and adhering to the timetable.  

Finally, it is essential for you to purchase reliable connectors for the timber trusses. You should opt for galvanised or stainless steel hardware for ideal results.