You Can Now Keep Your Scaffolding Hire Costs Low with These 3 Tips

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You Can Now Keep Your Scaffolding Hire Costs Low with These 3 Tips

10 September 2019
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Scaffolding is safety equipment you will need if you have an upcoming project that will involve working at heights. Scaffolds are often preferred because they are safer than ladders. Choosing the right scaffolding requires you to consider various factors such as the stability of the ground, the maximum height over which you will be working and the maximum weight the scaffold has to support. The cost of the hire is also something you should consider when selecting a scaffold for your project. It's easy to spend a lot more than you should if you are not careful. However, with these tips, you will be able to keep your scaffold hire costs at a minimum.

Look for A Company That Conducts On-Site Visits Before Providing A Quote

The likelihood that you will spend more on your scaffold hire is high if you choose a scaffold hire company that does not conduct on-site visits before making or providing the quote. That's because quotations made without visiting your site can be too high or too low. In either case, you will spend more. That is, you will hire more scaffolding than you need if you were over-quoted, which means you will end up overspending on the project. On the other hand, if you were under-quoted, you will hire fewer scaffolds than you actually require. This can delay your project. What's more, you may have to hire more scaffolds, which means you will have to go over your budget. Therefore, don't assume all scaffold hire companies conduct on-site visits. Choose only those that do.

Avoid Companies That Charge Extra For After-Hours Work

Many scaffolding hire companies charge by the hour. Some companies will count only the normal business hours. Hire your scaffolds from such companies. To avoid interfering with the normal working or business hours and possibly affecting your project schedule, you or your builder may prefer installing the scaffolding after working hours. Some companies will charge you for those extra hours, so you should be wary when hiring the equipment. Ask about the after-hours charges first.

Choose A Company That Offers the Shortest Minimum Hire Period

The shorter the minimum hire period is, the lower your hire costs are likely to be. Shorter minimum hire periods can help you save money because projects can sometimes be completed earlier. If you had hired a scaffold for a minimum of one month, for instance, and your project is completed in two weeks, you will have overspent on the hire. With shorter minimum hire periods, you will manage your cash flow better.