Why Home Window Tinting Is One of the Most Popular Home Improvement Projects

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Why Home Window Tinting Is One of the Most Popular Home Improvement Projects

30 September 2019
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If you're like many homeowners out there, you think that window tinting is merely meant to prettify your windows and add some privacy to a room. Beyond improving aesthetics and adding privacy, residential window tinting can offer several other important benefits. This is why it is one of the most popular home improvement projects across Australia.

Check out these incredible benefits of home window tinting that you may not know about.

Providing UV Protection

As more and more homeowners become awakened to the harmful effects of exposure to the sun's UV radiation, the demand for UV-inhibiting home improvement products keeps increasing. 

Too much exposure to UV radiation can cause skin cancer and other skin-related diseases. It can also cause upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains, drapes, pieces of art and other types of interior furnishings to fade quickly. 

Installing window tinting that comes with UV-inhibiting additives can help to protect your family and household belongings by cutting back on the sun's harmful and damaging UV rays.

Boosting Energy Savings

Untreated windows are one of the major sources of heat gains and losses in homes. With the right window films, you can save lots of energy and reduce your energy bills.

Low-emissivity or low-E films, for example, are designed to deflect a significant amount of heat gain in the summer months and heat loss in the wintertime. This helps you maintain the desired indoor temperatures without overworking your HVAC system.

Controlling Solar Glare

Daylighting is free and wonderful, but it can easily turn into a source of annoyance when too much of it penetrates your indoor environment through the windows. Fortunately, there is a range of ways to effectively resolve the problem. Residential window tinting is one such solution. 

Installing window tinting can help to block the disruptive glare coming into a room through the windows. This makes using daylight more enjoyable, as only the right amount of light will penetrate through your windows.

Increasing Property Value

If you are considering selling your current home at some point in the future, installing window tinting is the perfect way to increase the value of the property. As an increasing number of prospective homebuyers are learning about the benefits that window tinting can bring, your tinted home windows will be a major selling point. 

Excited about getting your home's windows tinted? Contact a residential window tinting expert today to discuss your needs and get your quote.