Answer These 4 Questions First Before Finding the Best Decorative Landscaping Gravel

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Answer These 4 Questions First Before Finding the Best Decorative Landscaping Gravel

9 December 2019
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There are countless reasons why you may want to choose decorative gravel for your landscaping needs. However, with the wide range of available options, it can be extremely hard to choose the right gravel for your garden. Seeking help from landscaping professionals can give you much-needed assistance during the selection process. 

To help you make an informed decision, let's discuss the essential details you need to pay attention to. Here are four questions you need to find answers to before choosing the perfect decorative landscaping gravel.

What's the Purpose of the Gravel?

Before choosing gravel based on its appearance, determine the exact location you'll want it to be and how it will blend with the landscape. For instance, certain types of gravel will roll underfoot, while others get compacted to solid surfaces, allowing easier wheel movement. Additionally, mixing gravel with stepping stones prevents gravel from washing away into other areas.

What's Your Budget?

When purchasing decorative gravel, its cost varies based on the type and size of stone as well as availability. Thus, its wise to choose what's locally available to minimize on costs. Generally, you can purchase gravel in bags, in bulk and measured by cubic yard or per ton. To get the best deal, you need to work with a landscaping gravel expert.

Will You Be Accommodating Wheels?

If your home receives regular wheel traffic on applications installed with gravel, go for gravel that is resistant to rolling or sticking. Furthermore, ensure that you install it on a solid base, including driveways, patios and pathways. These compacted bases make it safer for wheelchairs, wheelbarrows and strollers among others. Besides, consider using fine gravel such as decomposed gravel that locks together in place. 

Will Gravel Tracking Into the House be an Issue?

When you have delicate hardwood floors, consider opting for a type of gravel that doesn't allow tracking inside the house. To achieve this, you can perform a shoe test by flipping over your shoe and observing the size of the treads. In case your shoe treads pick up any gravel, consider choosing a size that won't be tracked easily into the house. Furthermore, large-sized gravels have size and gravity advantage and are less likely to be intercepted by shoes into the house. 


There are many other factors to consider when choosing the perfect decorative gravel for your landscaping needs. However, these are the four major questions you need to ask yourself when finding the right landscaping gravel for your property. 

For more information, contact a decorative gravel supplier.