Common Misconceptions About Residential Security Doors

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Common Misconceptions About Residential Security Doors

12 July 2017
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Security screen doors and heavy-duty, security storm doors can be a great choice when you need an extra layer of security for your home and property. They can also keep you more comfortable while keeping you secure; when you're at home, you can keep a storm door open for more light and air circulation if you have a rugged security screen door installed.

Before you decide to shop for a security door, however, you might note a few common misconceptions about these pieces. This will allow you to separate the fact from the fiction and choose doors that will work for your security needs for years to come.

All security doors are alike

The term "security door" can apply to just about any type of door, no matter its overall strength and actual security features. To ensure you choose a security door that is as strong and secure as you expect, look for whether or not the door meets national security standards. These standards dictate the strength of the metal or other material used to make the door and the design of the door, including the placement of the hinges and the durability of the lock. If you don't see any notice that the door meets any national standards for security doors, it may not be as secure as you assume and may not be worth the investment.

Steel is better than aluminium

Steel is certainly tougher than aluminium, but note that an aluminium screen door can also be very thick, making it secure and durable. Also, the security of an entryway door is usually affected by the strength of its frame, not just the door's material, as an intruder who kicks in a door is actually kicking away the doorframe and not the door itself. A thick aluminium frame with the door can make this material just as strong as a steel door.

The lock is the most important safety feature

A heavy-duty lock on both the storm door and screen door will keep those doors secure, but you also need to note the hinges of those doors. Security door hinges should have pins that are hidden inside the hinges, or the hinges themselves should be hidden inside the doorframe. This will keep potential intruders from pulling the hinge apart and being able to remove the door along that side of the frame. You also want to ensure that a screen door has a tight mesh so that an intruder cannot reach through it with bolt cutters.