Do You Need To Buy Structural Timber Products?

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Do You Need To Buy Structural Timber Products?

7 October 2021
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Timber products can be found everywhere in most homes. There are wooden tables and chairs, wooden floors, wooden cupboards, and perhaps, a wooden staircase. While timber may be visible around your home, it is also present in other less visible locations. One way to use timber that you may not have considered is to supports the property. Structural timber products ensure that your home remains stable and safe. If you have reached a point where you need to complete essential maintenance or modify your property, you may need to purchase structural timber to get the job done. When considering a timber purchase, you must buy timber that is suitable for the part of your property where you want to use it. Here are three things to bear in mind while you make your decision.

Is the environment a good fit?

Not all timber products will last well in every environment. If you want to use timber products outside in a damp environment or in an area where they could be subject to insect attack, you must ensure that the timber has been thoroughly treated before you use it. Alternatively, use hardwood which is naturally strongly resistant to decay. If you are looking at timber products and want to know whether they have been appropriately treated, look out for any stamps. The names of the applied preservatives should be stamped on timber products.

Is it strong enough?

There are some timber products where strength isn't an issue, but if you want to carry out structural work, you must have timber that complies with Australian Standard 1684. If you aren't sure whether the timber you are buying is compliant, look for the stamp which indicates compliance. Using the wrong timber is not only illegal but could make your home a dangerous place for you and your family.

Is it usable?

Any timber you buy from the merchant is likely to be a standard size, but that size may not be perfect for where you want to use the timber. Unless you work with wood every day, you probably don't have specialist tools to cut and shape the wood. Maybe, you can get the merchant to cut the timber to size, but that won't always be the case. Don't choose wood that is so hard that you can't cut it easily. Wood that is difficult to shape can make even a comparatively easy job into something much harder. Look for timber products that can be cut and sanded with the tools you have.