Questions To Ask Your Lands Surveyor

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Questions To Ask Your Lands Surveyor

28 July 2022
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Many people underrate the services of land surveyors as they develop their land. Nevertheless, the professional can give valuable insights that can significantly influence the proposed development and help you avoid future problems that could be expensive to deal with. Below are several questions to ask your land surveyor as you develop a property. 

Is it Possible to Subdivide the Land? 

A subdivision might not top the list of your priorities if you do not intend to sell the property. However, subdivision could come in handy in the future years. For example, you could have the land subdivided to ensure an easy time distributing the estate among your beneficiaries. Moreover, you could use the subdivision as a risk management tool as you secure loans in the future. Ideally, you could use one title to secure financing instead of the entire property. This way, the bank can only claim one section of the development if you default on the loan. 

The surveyor conducts a preliminary assessment to establish the possibility of creating a subdivision. For example, they check whether the subdivided property has adequate stormwater drainage mechanisms or whether the new plots meet the size requirements prescribed by the lands department. Besides, the surveyor informs the implications of a subdivision on the overall project. For instance, you might have to wait several months before receiving a subdivision approval. Besides, you might need some extra cash to install amenities on the property.  

What Problems Could Crop Up As You Develop the Land? 

Land surveyors understand the soil quality, the area's topography, and the land's history. Therefore, they can inform you about the problems you are likely to face as you develop the property. For instance, it could be that a portion of the land contains clay or peat pits. In this case, consider excavating the soil or building reinforced foundations. The land surveyor could also inform you whether the area is prone to flooding. If it is, you could retrofit the structure to make it resistant to flood damage. Some areas in Australia are former mines or landfills. If this is the case, the surveyor could recommend geotechnical surveys to establish soil contamination, the presence of minerals, or dangerous underground fumes.

In some cases, neighbours and utility companies could have easements on the property. Typically, you are not allowed to develop the sections with easements. If you suppose the easements affect the proposed development, the surveyor could inform you about the legal options you could pursue to terminate these easements.