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Hello, my name is Harry and this is my home improvement blog. Welcome! On this blog, I will be discussing many different home improvement and construction topics. I should explain that I am not a professional contractor. However, I have just come to the end of a home renovation project which took over 2 years to complete. During that time, I worked with dozens of different contractors in order to get my house into shape. I have spent hours working alongside plumbers, electricians, surveyors and roofing specialist. I learnt so much about their different trades that I decided to start this blog.


Piping Hot: Choosing The Best Materials For Your Building’s Hot Water Piping

27 July 2017
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Durable, reliable hot water piping is an essential component of any building, and is vital for providing your building's boilers, faucets and heating systems with all the heated water they require to function. With that in mind, great importance is placed in the materials used to make hot water piping, since it will have to endure the substantial strain of funnelling heated, pressurised water for extended periods throughout the day. Read More …

Tips for Replacing Roof Shingles for Newbie and Inexperienced Roofers

25 July 2017
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Coming straight from college with no prior experience to start a roof contracting business can be overwhelming to most newbie roofers. The feeling is made worse when the first client you get wants you to replace their roof shingles. While mistakes for newbie roofers are part of the much-needed experience, avoiding most of these errors when replacing shingles is critical. One of the reasons is that the best shingles are made from expensive materials such as asphalt, and as such, you do not want to cause any damages. Read More …

Common Misconceptions About Residential Security Doors

12 July 2017
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Security screen doors and heavy-duty, security storm doors can be a great choice when you need an extra layer of security for your home and property. They can also keep you more comfortable while keeping you secure; when you're at home, you can keep a storm door open for more light and air circulation if you have a rugged security screen door installed. Before you decide to shop for a security door, however, you might note a few common misconceptions about these pieces. Read More …