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Hello, my name is Harry and this is my home improvement blog. Welcome! On this blog, I will be discussing many different home improvement and construction topics. I should explain that I am not a professional contractor. However, I have just come to the end of a home renovation project which took over 2 years to complete. During that time, I worked with dozens of different contractors in order to get my house into shape. I have spent hours working alongside plumbers, electricians, surveyors and roofing specialist. I learnt so much about their different trades that I decided to start this blog.


Two tips for building a durable deck

21 August 2017
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A deck is a fantastic addition to any property; in addition to providing a comfortable space in which to dine or relax outdoors, it can also potentially increase the overall value of your home. Here are two ways to ensure that your new deck stays in excellent condition for years to come. Choose the right decking timber No matter how skilled your chosen contractor is and how carefully they install the deck, the completed structure will not remain standing for very long if the wood you purchase from your decking timber supplier is not appropriate for the climate in which the deck is to be built. Read More …

Reasons to Use Concrete Construction For Outdoor Storage Areas

18 August 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Taking on a project to build an outdoor storage area means choosing the materials that will work best for your needs. One of the material options you can choose is concrete. You may be wondering how a full concrete outdoor storage area would benefit you and your storage needs. Here are a few reasons to use concrete construction for your outdoor storage area. Durability The first reason to use concrete construction as an alternative to traditional wood or metal for storage areas is the durability. Read More …

Two tips for those who wish to convert their garage into a living space

29 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you don't own a car and, therefore, don't need to use your garage as a storage space for a vehicle, it might be worth converting it into an extra room for your home. This will not only provide you with additional living space but could also increase the value of your property. Here are two tips which should help to make the process of converting your garage as simple and straightforward as possible: Read More …

What to Consider about Finding Pipeline Contractor Jobs Online

28 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

An increasing number of businesses are moving to an online application, and even interviewing, processes online. This can mean everything from filling out the application to logging in and using an application or program to connect live for the interview. Though you may think this is a cut and dry process, it can be a bit different for the job seekers when you are discussing industrial jobs like pipeline contractor positions. Read More …

3 Pretty and Functional Ways to Deal With Storm Water Drainage

25 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Stormwater drainage is something every homeowner needs to think about, especially if you have a lot of rain, flooding around your foundation or similar issues. There are lots of ways to handle drainage, but if you want it to look attractive, there are key ideas to consider. Take a look at these three pretty stormwater drainage ideas. 1. Rockbed If you're just trying to deal with the random puddles that appear near your drainpipe, you may want to try a rockbed. Read More …