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Hello, my name is Harry and this is my home improvement blog. Welcome! On this blog, I will be discussing many different home improvement and construction topics. I should explain that I am not a professional contractor. However, I have just come to the end of a home renovation project which took over 2 years to complete. During that time, I worked with dozens of different contractors in order to get my house into shape. I have spent hours working alongside plumbers, electricians, surveyors and roofing specialist. I learnt so much about their different trades that I decided to start this blog.


Four vital questions to ask your building contractors

18 July 2017
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Home renovations and re-modelling are a popular alternative to moving home. Why go to all the hassle of leaving an area where you are settled just because you current home doesn't quite meet your needs? It's cheaper and easier to make changes to your home to make it suitable, rather than looking for a new place to live. Home renovations come in many different guises. Are you considering adding an extra bedroom, or a side extension to your property? Read More …

Benefits of Using an Architect for Your Dream Tiny Home

18 July 2017
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Tiny homes are generally considered a do it yourself project. You purchase the plans and then begin gathering the materials to build the home on your own. There are even some tiny home enthusiasts that strive to build the tiny home of their dream with only recycled materials or as a full-time living option that is as off-grid as possible. You may find that some of the available plans don't fit the ideas you have. Read More …

4 Fun Renovation Ideas for Pet Lovers

14 July 2017
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When most people think of renovations, they think of fun features that will make the home more livable and interesting to humans, but if you're a pet lover, you need to think beyond that. Want to add renovations that will make your favorite pet bark or meow in joy? Then, check out these ideas: 1. Sleeping Nooks There's no reason to trip over dog beds. Instead, consider putting in sleeping nooks for your cats or dogs. Read More …

What You’ll Do Working as a Plant Engineer

13 July 2017
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Correctly setting up heavy equipment at a jobsite in readiness for the commencement of a construction project is not a simple task. It is a job that requires expert handling because even the slightest of errors can not only cause serious injuries to plant operators and those around the work site but also result in costly equipment failures. The people trained to install machinery and equipment that is to be used for construction projects are called plant engineers. Read More …

Top Tips to Designing Your Home’s Carport

23 June 2017
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A carport refers to a sheltered structure made up of a roof supported by vertically inclined posts. The structure can be constructed as an independent unit beside the house or attached to a section of the house for additional support. Carports are an important accessory in any home. Other than providing shelter for your cars and trucks, you can use them for storage or accommodating guests when many people visit your home. Read More …